By W Joseph Stroupe

Increasingly ominous clouds are gathering in what could soon be the perfect storm against
the United States dollar and against the present dollar-centric global financial order.

This is not shaping up to be a storm that anyone is trying to initiate, not even those who
are actively driving for a new global financial order that is no longer centered on the dollar.
Instead, it will result from a correlation of forces arising out of the deepening global financial
and economic crises, coupled with recurring and conspicuous miscalculation on the part of
some of the world’s political, financial and economic leaders.

The storm has the potential to cause upheaval on a grand scale, opening the door to swift,
and largely uncontrolled, fundamental transformation.

As is widely recognized, the present financial order that is inordinately reliant on the US
dollar must some day give way to a new order that is more balanced, stable, resilient and
reliable, one that is based on multiple currencies and that therefore won’t be plagued by
the extremely dangerous structural drawback of an increasingly worrisome elemental single
point of failure (the dollar).

But if the current dollar-centric financial order should become more seriously shaken than
it already has been, perhaps even suffering a collapse, as a casualty of the present deepening
global crisis, then the transition to any new global financial order is most likely to be disorderly,
disruptive and unmanageable rather than gradual and orderly.

We can hope – but cannot be at all confident – that world leaders and global investors will
act coherently, cohesively and intelligently enough in this crisis so as to ensure that the
policies and actions being undertaken will not put at further serious risk the fundamental
structure of the current dollar-centric financial order, and that they will instead be effective
in bolstering deteriorating global confidence in the present order and in the safety of the dollar,
at least until we get through this crisis.

Unfortunately, we cannot be confident that world leaders know what they are doing in
seeking to resolve the crisis. Are their measures attacking the heart of the problem, or
only its periphery? Are they exacerbating the crisis, either by enacting certain misdirected
measures, or by failing to enact certain required measures? Are they setting up conditions
that make a dollar crisis and radically increased financial upheaval virtually inevitable,
by blindly pushing ahead with a simplistic agenda of trying to spend their way out of the
present crisis?

If the dollar is being put at significant short- and medium-term risk by such measures,
then we’re seriously risking plunging the global financial order into a depth and breadth
of transition that we cannot adequately control.


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